Tuesday, July 18, 2017


2020 (when life will changed)
I was a child when I see the moon and sun and stars
On the sky..
Now I saw the moon and sun and stars
One the sky..
There is a big difference in that time all the stars were shining with lightness but now the stars at

2020 will be shine brightly with a big risks to near to the earth and

The planet 1 (mercury) will be reached at a destroying point because every planet is going to near the sun.

Due to a lot of black holes that takes the energy of sun by the 9G force and one day you think about it

Black hole …

I simply talk about it and the other day I talk about it clearly

But I simply say that a star change its shape about 9 times with every stage it gets 1G force.
Now you think if billions of stars change into the black hole than what happened
It will be heart difficult for every one…
Now I say that when earth near to sun  and the gravity will changed moon will be nearer to the earth all the oceans changed into a storm and simply at the first day of the earth creation

The entire earth surface covered with water and the final day it will rearrange itself completely…

Everybody seen that by the imagination we will fall into the sun with 30000 celcious .
And then we will awake from that dream.
And will
Say to God


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