Saturday, July 15, 2017

A burning advice

A bearning Sun and coold Moon.
In the word, where we live is logically a big threat of every one life as a form of Pollution, faithlessness, unbelievable trust, useless food and terrorism.
But mater of fact, is a big defect in our life which cause these facts on a big threat level. Indeed all these things always live with us in every time like Patience, respect, discipline and tolerance.
but we ignore that because of our society

but we don't know which actually we know is that the society is made by us.
You and me all and everyone made society.
here in this in this word a sun which gives us a big source of energy as a light but also burn us by the seen on that way with eyes in a moment.

but the Moon is another source of light but not burning us only gives a great white peace blessed light which keep us a new way of definition of nature.
So, we must live or passed our life like a Moon as a white source of light not the yellow that burnt source of light like Sun.

Result is :

"Spread your knowledge but don't spread your mind
spread knowledge is peace
spread mind is war"

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