Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A happy killer part 1


Once upon a time there was a killer and he was a leader of his company name ‘ooops’ he takes a contract to kill the others by takes a glass of water.
In the beginning of his life he was a innocent but the life with his dad that kill his mother, brother, sister and   step father. He takes him and done a killer job on a street level but he takes it a company ooops as a social connection with others but all the criminals are joined with it.
Now a days, his father become a legend of his life and gives a new dealers to his company……………….
Actually he wanted to kill every one in all the effort by the passion of his life in anyway.
One day his father said you have a big deal in your life. It’s a kill of me by your hand fake and that way we takes a money in our field and enjoy our life. Almost after 2 weeks you fire me with a fake gun. Ok
Now you can go to the newyork and deal with all big criminals father ‘LAION’

What happened next………..?
Coming soon
Part II

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