Sunday, July 23, 2017

Big deal of Planet

Big deal
At noon I think about the deal with you my dears,
I simply thought that the word is a smart for everyone in and out of the word for every kind of person but the real deal is a smart think about them.

A big planet Tunt

In this planet a new thing is amazing about that was a number of birds live there
It is a nice but so wonder a tunt planet has a population of birds

It is very difficult to known the right position of that planet but I is present behind the Pluto

Where no sun and moon present but it a imerical  that birds are live there because they are kings of their planet Tunt.

Scientist believe one day it will be destroy and they attack on solar system means MILKY WAY
Indeed we perfectly not know about them correctly

But the satellite take a pictures of  Pluto and seen the wastes and features of them may be it’s a nothing but its true….

This and some other things which I could not describe you caused the removed of Pluto from solar system but
“NASA” continue work on it .

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