Friday, July 14, 2017

Begninning of poetry

In the beginning of the poetry the future is destroy because of all the time in the class of of mankind is a deal
of total philosophy in the shape of "permanidies" and "heraclytus" those who write the philosophy in a shape of poetry
as much like a Dr.Iqbal as a famous poet of east and national poet of Pakistan and Iran.
similarly, these 2 philosopher write the skill in the form of poetry but the start of poetry is a blessed by God
to Adam in the first time on the earth by the words of his Greatness as Almighty Allah.
after it continue to us and the others after us its a feelings of the person heart as a time of his life which he
passed in a bad,good,hurt,alone and patience.  A man can never explain it that what is exactly what is this in all
the circumstance of life.
My teacher said: "Poet is not made by a creation or any thing which delver by a environment but it is a born bless
quality that God give him/her as a researcher of universe in the heart of people and the soul of breath"

In my words of me.
                         "A hand is a power of man
                           but the figures is chain"
                          keep me up, and
                           ready for clam.

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