Saturday, July 15, 2017

Real Education

Real Education
Real education means “a true knowledge” this knowledge is about the personality on a person
Gives a  great impact in the lifestyle of a noble citizen.
So, as a noble citizen we must known the real education for the future generation of the developer countries.  The best of  best person always keep remember his/her responsibilities.
A universal truth is :
       “A first education of person is the lap of mother”
And the learning is better than earning in small age because
First u learn and then all the life you earn and earn.
Indeed a  mendicant earn all life and never get education.
If we need the a piece of ice cube every day of life contains a attention on the simple things.
In the view of Socrates :
“ Education is a culture of unique and separate life”
If we follow that then the results will be like
Aristotle words:
“Literature is Gold”

I can say:
“Respect is a real education”


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