Saturday, July 22, 2017

The compass of life

The compass of life
In a simple word I would like describe you the simple mining of the compass “to known the direction (NEWS)”

  • ·       NORTH
  • ·       EAST
  • ·       WEST
  • ·       SOUTH

If we want to know the life with the beginning as a way to describe the true way for our help.
Is simply we must required “A COMPASS”

Here is a big deal of past when our ancestors made a compass by a stone called “Magnetic stone”

The man of magnet.

With the help of this we rapidly used the way and way but in the 17th century we seen a man of magnet with the force of attraction by iron and the position of compass needle changed the way of direction.
But my point of view as a philosopher change.

“The true compass is your true friends, fellows, parents, family, relatives and your own true soul”

So we never dry the path of our progress by others means only blessed by the GOD.

GOD is  the name and the path,
So the followers of GOD used the blessing of GOD in the way of a source of Compass.


PLeASE.. think about it.

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