Friday, July 21, 2017

Theory of me

Try for it. (Theory of me)
In the evening of a day with night we never think that what we want from this word
The word of kinglessness….
Yes! The word of kinglessness
Here there are many questions are born..

Really mean of “King”

The kings mean a best of the best that has ability to increase the point of source by any reward of his life in a safe word of greatness like the war and the soul of peace.
In the beginning of the word we can’t imagine who the first king is what you think about it that
Who the first King of the word?
A lot of answers are there
  • §  May be Adam (A.S) first prophet of Allah and first man on the planet earth.
  • §  May be the Fire according to scientists our earth was a ball of fire and separate from sun.
  • §  May be the water (A theory explains that our earth covered with water and one day it will be like that).

  • §  May be air is a king because it spread all around the earth in a envelop.
  • §   May be soil is king if you know that how you create not born than you must believe on it that you are king because we are also created by soil. (a collected soil)

But you think
who creates you
SO GOD is king but  
what’s means of GOD?
G: Generator
O: Operator
D: Destroyer

All the things must be all around to the God
Because he is one.
O: other
N: never
E: ever
At the end of me theory as define:

“God is Energy because everything of matter is form of energy its means we are also a form matter and its means we are   ………..”

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