Monday, July 17, 2017

What is time?

What is time?
 I think that time is a big game in which no one wins because, you never defeat it and you not must cheat it.

In the words of Einstein:
“I will alive and never die if I travel myself according to speed of light”
E=mc2 (the theory of relativity)
But it can’t possible in this world.
In my view it can be possible
Yes it can be possible.
But, when you die your soul travels with the speed of life and always live like immortal.
Basically I am a philosopher so it is a part of my philosophy, now I sure you that nobody can define a time correctly because” time is a logically nothing but a property of universe with the change of its conditions”
Infect time is a bless of God that gives a senesce of life and clear its means on us and also show the reality of one God (infinity power)
One day I read a book where I read that time will stop by a American writer exactly I am not remember her name but she said:
“If you want to stop a time than you kiss”
When I read it I think that its means a true love has an ability to stop a time by a power of love because very first love is done by God.

Time in views….

  • Time in view of science is “motion of universe”
  • Time in view of art is “waterfall of life”
  • Time in view of soul “nothing  is impossible”
  • Time in view of poetry “every breath is lack of life”
  • Time in view of lover “magic of his/her patience”
  • Time in the view of great peoples “Ocean of mercy, blessing, kindness and humanity with respect”        
Time in view of me
“Nothing is Kind than time on this world
Nothing is Nero  than time on the word”
Other words
One day you think that time is a king
Next day you think that time is a slave.

Yes , this is time that make you king or slave and job man or businessman.

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