Friday, August 11, 2017


Friendship is a new sense of love with censured reality of life
“Only friendship is a relation that a man can make my own behalf”

So, if the friends will punish u with a smart move of pain at the shine of intelligence
A lot of big deals in the union of a man perfections wrong by friendship
In the view of my philosophy
“The time wants a medium to show the change but, in friendship when you passed your time with your friends then that’s medium of time becomes you”

Golden friends/copper friends
1.       There are many friends but not a right friend.
2.       You are friend full but life is not friend full .

3.       Speed of light can be achieved 3.0*108 but true friend once lost then never be achieved.
Friends may be your own GOD and parents teachers means the truth is
"what you love 
will your friend"

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