Thursday, August 10, 2017

Journey of Unstable Universe

Journey of Unstable Universe
Journey is usually, a big story line of the path of that you choose
If your journey is a black seen of night and the similarly the shine of moon
It’s all the fault and figs of your personality as a right way of truth it is possibly to return to the wrong way.
In the words of PONO SATTH
“Nothing in the universe is perfect so, its means the creator of it (GOD) -------- on you how can I suggest is clearly me”

If we want to went to the direction of life in stream Manu of blood of universe its means that
Everything that parts of universe even me is unstable like

  •       Air (I think air is not stable because if it stable then how it can flow/blow randomly)
  •      Water is unstable ( water  flow with non-directional way in ocean and suddenly change it into the Current Valley
  •       Soil (both other things have a no exactly shape/structure but, here soil gives a defiantly structure/shape but it changes in every form of structure that you want in the universe by truth even the wood is another form of soil)
  •         Fire (fire is suspendly depends on the  air (oxygen) and wood and I said wood is other structure of soil so its prove the fire is nothing without them)

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