Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Place of Struggle

Place of Struggle
Once you will be see that what is a real thing to struggle in the life of the destiny of your life in the binging and ending of struggle
But we know that
“There is no end of struggle “

So, now we know that the ending of struggle is not possible but what’s about the starting of struggle
I think there are many ways of life to start the struggle some given below:-
·         Own self struggle
·         Done the balance of way
·         Run on arms/feets
·         Stepping one by one
·         Show inside confidence
·         Don’t loss your heart
·         Keep the destiny onward to encourage you

In the words of PONO SATTH
“A real man never stop the struggle he run,walk,and at the end he works on arms to step up if he loses then he steps up by his body friction on way but keep struggle”

That’s things give a new hope of success of destiny.
“Word made destiny

Destiny made word”

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