Monday, August 28, 2017

Equality is War

Safe and sound body will be copy the target in the ratio of some bears as a wild chief of the jungle to manage the sign of live.

If a person feel himself safe then you will be published the manage characters belongs to the charm of the beauty like the song of a peace in war and war in peace.
“Equality caused of war”

If you will think it then you observe it was a bitter true of our life as usually we seen the country wants to take equal rights and protection from other ones but that equality made a non-stop created war and the mostly difference between the humanity by a profession.
YOUR OWNSELFs  not equal
If you will think about it then you will feel that equal is not a right thing like a imbalance and the even your heart and mind thoughts himself and own self not equal then how it can possible the human with the society becomes equal like the philosophy of Aristotle.

But the thing is that how it will be continues to permute the passion of the sight to take what you want by anything or process its wrong you to take a short on a powerful person.

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