Thursday, August 17, 2017

The secret of game

The secret of game to play to cheat in the view of the Philosophy is biggest shame or rewarded in both view on same plan.

 In the class of game we must want to take the win by hook or crookIts simply but,

In the class of game of philosophy we never take a short on the basis of cheapness but, the truth is simple but bitter for everyone to take it simply as a Aesop (Philosopher) belongs to Greek philosophy this is a big differ in the man’s work by society like POOR,Middle and Rich peoples these three persons play a game with the different level by different condition on any kind of conditions.

At  the last way in game the level of play by heart increase and increase but specially in Philosophy game you never show what’s in your heart.

“IT’S never difficult to win

But difficult is to loss “

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