Friday, August 25, 2017

Theory of Devil’s Creation

In the beginning of the universe when everyone was one.

 Mean’s of it that the best known for it the one form of universe in the shape of matter as a long way of life in the soul of life as a bright way of darkness.

What happened with universe very first time

Then the very first time the fission reaction occurs and the universe spread into many pieces and the size of the universe vast by that reaction believe me.

How the Genies (Jin) are born or created

Next the belong to a Genie (Jin) it happened when the earth was full of fire with almost the travel with speed of light 3*108 and you remember the theory of Einstein that it was the best to known you the matter convert into the  energy and energy convert into the matter by this theory of relativity.
So that it makes me upset and then I made a theory of Devil’s Creation

Theory of Devil’s Creation

In this theory of devil’s creation I make sure how the devil or genies (Jin) created by the passage of time in possible conditions of environments and all other things of time with speed which can’t happen.
When the earth separate from the sun it was caused of fission reaction and the best thing is it was not in the shape of Egg as Oval or vulviform but it was just like the big stone burst and converted into many pieces and then the earth was a big ball of fire everyone known it take oval shape i will give you next article.
That’s a time when the Genies (Jin) was born by fire with almost traveling of earth speed of light then theses all are travels with light so they can convert into the matter from energy and again matter to energy and we can’t see them.
That’s the creation of Devil’s and genies (Jin)
If you think it can’t happen then give me the best reason/creation of them.

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