Tuesday, August 15, 2017

West in Shadow of Adventure!!!

IF i want to say that the adventure is the key to proceed the union of all adventurer in any kind of fight or flight as a nice way of punchuality in all the basic life of comounity for the nature in key to play a short by hit manners.

Indeed, every body have a look to adventure in any period of life but, if we can say the the west side of the world is more adventurer then the east,

its all due to the the the more repitution of westen peoples to see the world then the esten peoples due to the conditions of enviorment and mind used to take a rapid work and get the Leadership.

In the west adventure view of Pono Satth

"The adventure of west wants a new world of hope to take a power, in the east adenture wants a new look of slaves as a period of Gold"

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