Monday, August 21, 2017

Woman's respect philosophy

The man and the Woman
With both differences sex (Jince)
It’s all about the respect and the level of known in views of life as a respect for others

In the view of Aristotle
“A women is like a ring in wrist means it’s a thing to use then put out”

But the teacher of Aristotle Plato  
“A woman is a special part of society like a bodybuilder do strong one arm but do nothing to strong with other arm”
Here you must see the wording of both great philosopher in the history and millions of their followers and the thinking about a woman.
As a philosopher I have a also a separate thinking or point of view about the women.

In the view of PONO Satth

Every kind of humanity don’t stop the sign of respect in any case related to women because it’s another faith with true shadow of love”

Respect the women beacuse a woman gives a birth to a man and it's his duty to respect it 
respect with respected personality. 

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