Monday, November 27, 2017

The disgrace

All the time as a man of respect to give the disgrace in the total world of kindness for the full attention with divide rules of a respect history man in the belong side of country for health of a man as well as the consist kind of king writing stool in twinkle peace for that you look on mind by not to heart.

  • ·         Love will be the punctual for everyone but not for lover.
  • ·         Respect will responsible for grace but not for disgrace.
  • ·         Life will be living but not for long-life living.

“ humping judge say that the disgrace will cause you illustrate you own self as the judge manners”

(Pono Satth)

"Don’t disgrace anybody heart because God live in the heart of a true grace person in this world of justice as well"

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