Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The emotions of suffer

Everyone have a motions with the full frame of tune in the building of senses for every moment of life to take a relief in the momentum of unknown pain result of world.

  • A happy man can cry one day for the happiness
  • A sleeping man can cry for the time waster in life
  • A crying man can be smile on the end of tears in eyes
  • A lover man can do hate with the love in a day of sorrow
  • A big man can choose the wealth in the body of the health

A man can
take the idea of life in the best of the true train of the twinkle at the end of the brain of emotions when you think that it is not possible then take the possible welfare work for others to make the possible world .
"The eye always remember the man of emotions with respect or the hate of flame kindness"
|Kids are best to show the emotions for the ambitions to complete" 

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