Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The hobby of the habit

Here I am show you the hobby of the habit with the simple means of the nation in the character in the view of the line at the end of the path by the developing of humanity.
The biggest truth is the man’s creations in the life of a battle by some conditions like to be more dangerous in any area of the world by the logical means of fight with power at the end of the peace/war.
I am really about sure the war can never be stopped by the real means of the peace even the peace all where but the truth is belong to us with society and the leadership and the connections with us in same way of the heart with pumping  to the hotel of the meant in the step of steps.
The effects of war on our life will be more effective then peace
Not at all.
Simple. Then why we are going to do something underwar constructions with no means of reference like the made of biological weapons and the excrement of the hydrogen bomb what is that?
How can it possible the peace will assistant in between these devil and destructive forces
Nothing will achieve in the view of philosophy by the means of the war inner side of the heart and outside of the body everything and anything will be loosed the passion of the creation to take a responsible people power.

The end of this hobby will ………………………………………………
Its All on you/us

“If you destroy the home where you live then you remember one day your own house will be destroy”

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