Thursday, November 30, 2017

The IQ

IQ is stand for Iintelligence quotient.  The main thing in the philosophy is the thoughts level of mind to think about the world as the basic factor of wild world by the update intellectual technique by adviser in the statement of the state on the polition construction in the total structure of full train.

"If you train your mind to take a control on the universe by the thoughts on individual level at the bank of river and river on the bank of ocean this will give your the attendance of absences" 

"The IQ is not a quick way of education but the way of knowledge"
If you want to take a magic in the math by the thinking  so look that:

11*with any digit you will take the result by simply trick 

for example:
How can i do that:
look here,
if 15 will multiply with the 11
15=1+5=6 now you put in between the 1 and 5 digits 
165 simply answer:

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