Sunday, November 5, 2017

The language of love

Indeed the love has no sepecific language and the system to take a full time of understanding in your life time, and the best of fine and the specific journy in the total wealthy union by the kings of game in the union of grace and great world of love in the mother's heart with the children of all the bodymaker in the street of frightning by the thill of mysteious plans in the cotation of remaks.

"If we believe the truth then we believe the love always because the love never understand the talk of lies and the passion of love"

The big thing to take a full power of the signature of segments in the wolf eyes and the horror line in the specific area of land in the street of corner on the bank of river where are you live and take a full time to support the kind of love by the truth of nature.
Always remember this

" The nature is always keep the love in the feelings of freshness but the nature maker don't remember the thruth to know the love"
Love is the longest war in the world with a power of pain to talk.

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