Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dark and White way

The hypper thing in the world as the belong to the white world in the shadow of the dark as the devil take the money from the dark way of hart of a man to give it the wrong path to choose it.
If you will choose the path of a devil as the man of angle to give the birth of a person by the hyper thinking at all the same work plan as the world working to the safe work done to all the best charge on the planet of earth structure.

In the words of PONO SATTH
The same kind of a things on opposite thoughts will live or stay on a same plan like the “Unity of Opposite”
“Always think about the character of a persons in which an ANGLE and a DEVIL live same in a heart and mind but both on the same body to think”

I hope you will think about that for the life success in the dark and white way of dimensions as well on the sky of blue and grass is green

“Darkness always overcome when the light will low & alone”

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