Monday, December 4, 2017

Thales and Student

Unity of opposite

The means of unity of opposite is basically a philosophy given by a person Thales’s student

Thales was a first philosopher in the history as well it gives the idea of a man to notice that the world is in the water when the waves comes then the tornado as well as cracks will come
But the basically this philosopher gives the best things about the measurement like a tower will 800 fits in height but how can we find it easily he gives the idea of measurement by measure the anybody height by shadow when you shadow and height will equal then you will find the height of tower by measure the shadow of tower on earth.

It’s all done by the sun movement by the thoughts of yours to approach your mind level.

Now I will discuss the unity of opposite a theory.
It’s simply to know
  • Water and fire

  • Sky and earth
  • Day and night
  • Male and female
  • Sun and moon
  • Light and dark

I hope you think about it today but the true message is everything in this universe has opposite sign of attraction/repulsion also.

Then what a philosopher think that
" If it true like upper examples then what is opposite of GOD how can I? study to find the answer of it"

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